Lupine Gardens, LLC is a family owned and operated chemical free native plant nursery in Amery, WI. We started operating in 2015. Our adventure began when my wife and I started rearing Monarch butterflies due to their 30+ year continual decline in population. During this time I began studying insect behaviors with our wild native plants and began learning how each plant was an essential part of life for many creatures.

In 2017, we began doing restoration projects to help out with declining habitat for insects and wildlife. Along our journey we began propagating more plants to help fill these voids that were created by man. Each year we collected more seeds from different species to add to our seed bank for restoration and propagation.

By 2019 we have become a large partner in helping with restoration projects across the nation. From providing bulk seed as well as trays of native plugs to services and civilians that are trying to better our planet.

Quality is our focus. You can always find a deal, but your results will never come close to our high quality seeds and plants. My unique growing techniques have set our plants up to succeed in any part of their native range.

We hope you find our products helpful no matter what size project you are working on. We cannot restore the planet alone. Thank you for helping restore our beautiful prairies, meadows, wetlands and woodlands.